Andi Wittmann und sein Projekt Framed II kehren zurück

Framed 2 LogoJPG.jpg

Two years have passed since Framed I has been a big success on the internet. After his recent crash, Andi Wittmann had to pause a while to get back in shape and train even harder to be back on his top level.
In Fall 2012, Mario Feil and Andi Wittmann squeezed in about three days to wrap the freeride and some freestyle shots in Neukirchen / Austria for the project "Framed II".

Mario and Andi just wanted to capture the season in 3 to 4 minutes and show that it's possible to get up to the top, if you train hard and focus on your passion. After all, everyone should get on his bike to enjoy nature instead of sitting in the office and watch the sun setting.

Beech studios is proud to present the next part of Framed - good job Mario!